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Newbie interested in law ;)

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Hey Guys!
So, im interested in law. Done quite a bit of research but still rather confused in certain areas.

I am currently a grade 12 student. My math marks are horribly low (60%) and so ive had enough of it. its not my thing, and my marks in math have been consistent all 4 years so im done with it. I choose law because i love to argue and debate for the right things and i love english.

Its late, but this is what i want to do.
Im considering of dropping calc, and taking one more semester at a school and taking 3 bird courses to bump my average upto a 90. ( opinions?)

Courses now:

International business
bussiness leadership
English -
Adv Func (final-61 -__-)
Calc (Dropping)

Im most probably going to take writers craft, philosophy and canadian law?
and International business and bussiness leadership and english as top 6.

i want to get into York Osgoode Law school,
so what programs should i apply to as an undergrad?

veryvery confused.
(& i doubt UofT will accept me because ive repeated a course before!)
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For Law, there are no requirements. You just need really high marks in whatever you want to take.
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