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Night School report cards?

A photo of kriispsmile kriispsmile
Hi, I'm in grade 12 and currently taking online night school. We just got our midterm marks last monday, but the online administrator said that midterm report cards will not be mailed, only the final ones. However, I was told by my guidance counsellor that I should submit my night school midterm report cards to her so that it can be sent to the OUAC for universities. I called the online administrator and left a message to request having my midterm mailed, but haven't gotten any contact for a week.

So my question is, would it be alright if I send my final marks in late May (when night school finishes)? The thing is, the course I'm taking in night school isn't for extra credit, it goes towards my 30 credits.

(btw, I got an early acceptance to universities, if that matters at all)
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Listen to your guidance counsellor and get those marks in during midterms.
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