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Nomination vs Award on Applications

A photo of jaymeshaughnessy jaymeshaughnessy
Hi everyone.

I'm currently going through the process of scholarship applications.

Certain applications require that you mention awards that you have received. I have received awards, but I have also received many nominations for school wide, province wide and and country wide awards, as well, including my city's athlete of the year award or a prestigous science research award. Although I didn't exactly win the award, I was still a nominee.

Should I list my nominations under the awards category, or not bother mentioning them at all. (note, they are very prestigious nominations) On most applications you are only allowed to list up to a certain number of awards that you have received, so I don't want to state that I was nominated for something but didn't win it, and take up that spot, when I could have written about an actual award that I received (eventhough it is less prestigious than my nominations)

What do you think? And can anyone in university or going to university future, give me a little insight on what your experience with applying for scholarships were like> In terms of what kind of awards, extra cirriculars etc., you mentioned.

Thanks to all!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Being nominated for an award then not getting it is not a thing to list or brag about. You could be nominated for anything; they only want to know what you've actually won.
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A photo of ktel ktel
I would only list it after you've listed all the awards you've already won, and only if it's really prestigious.

I received about $52,000 in scholarships during my undergrad career. I had a ton of ECs in high school (rugby, handball, grad committee, ran a volleyball tournament, leadership class, etc.) and was in full IB, had a 95%+ high school average, I think a 41/45 IB score. I received $19,000 in entrance scholarships (not including a $50,000 scholarship at U of C which I declined). In university I mostly just did varsity rugby and club rugby as my EC, but was fairly involved in the rugby community coaching kids and stuff. I did the odd engineering related EC. Kept my grades up to a 3.9/4. Most of my later scholarships came from my university (U of A) or the provincial government (Alberta). The government ones were usually automatic for getting a certain GPA and being a varsity athlete.
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