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Will a non-top 6 grade 12 course, that is not a prerequisite for a program, and is not a failing grade, make any difference at all for universities in Canada (specifically, the ones in my sig). I took 2 grade 12 classes last year, and 6 this year. All the grades are in the 90s except one class this year in the high 70s. Therefore my top 6 would be 5 classes from this year and 1 from last year. If I were to stop focusing on getting the low grade back up into my top 6, simply stop caring (but of course make sure it's passing, probably above 70) and focus on my known-to-be-top-6 courses instead, would this in any way harm me in the university application process (Ontario high school applicant applying to Canadian schools FYI)?

Thank you
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No, they will not look at it. They only look at the top 6 (including English and other mandatory prereqs - math, science depending on program). So, your 7th course will have no bearing on your acceptance. So, to answer your question, yes you can stop focussing on it and have no effect on your acceptance. If you really have no focus on it you can always drop the course, so you don't have to worry about it at all (unless your school won't allow you to take less than 6 courses in a year or if you must take the course to graduate from your school, eg Religion if youre at a Catholic school).

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