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not sure if i should apply to the top schools.

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i  go to Mary Ward and I have an 81 average currently because my marks dropped because I slacked a bit and rushed to hand in some assignments.
I'm also struggling with math, but I just did a test today and I saw an improvement in myself..
I have until mid February  to raise up my marks.

my current marks are

functions - 70
calculus and vectors - 78
english - 74
religon - 82 
accounting 80 
psychology 100
international business 83 

English used to be a low 80 average
religion used to be a 93 average
international business used to be a 90 average
I believe I can bring my marks up including maths
but I feel like I'm also being too optimistic about math going up.
 The problem I have with math is silly mistakes and not fully grasping a concept and especially not focusing on the small details I usually skim over.

I'm prolly gonna get shitted on here because majority of threads I see of students posting marks are 90s for business.

the schools I want to apply to are Schulich BBA , utsc BBA, maybe queens but I have a  health problems so  Toronto schools I prefer i guess, Ryerson  AFM, york commerce and maybe rotman

If I'm getting too ahead of myself to maybe being able to raise my overall top 6 average to a low 90
should i just apply to ryerson york and guelph or something then?
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Queens commerce or bust.
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if you have health problems and that affects your marks, you could consider filling out extenuating circumstances applications (or the equivalent for the unis you want)
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Ryerson AFM isn’t a program.
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Your average is nowhere near 90+ or even in the high 80s so why in God's name would you ONLY apply to such competitive programs? Obviously, you should be applying to backup programs that you have a decent chance of getting into, otherwise, it is a huge waste of money if you get rejected from every single program that you applied to.
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U go to Mary Ward? I went there and tbh, it was a pretty bad school.  I would say to keep track of your time and consult with teachers ASAP.  Tell the teachers about your health issues and explain to them. 
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I regret coming to Ward.
If I went to a normal high school I think I would have done so much better. Thats what I thought at first.
But its because I don't know how to study properly. If my friends can have mid 90 averages here, so can I but I need to work harder when studying for tests and stop making silly mistakes.
anyways I enjoyed my highschool experience here, everyone is so nice and welcoming its refreshing.

Talking to my teachers about my health problems won't change anything I tried other than extending test authorizations.

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