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now I'm confused, what should I do

A photo of Adui Adui
I changed my program few days ago on OUAC. and it is already forwarded to the university, but I just got an offer to my original program, which I really want to keep my offer and go for my original program. I assume they didn't see my program change before making an offer.
So, I want to accept their offer, but I'm worried if they take away my offer due to program change. (The two program are in the same faculty)
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
just give the university a call and tell them that you'd like to change your program back, i'm sure they'll be able to do it easily.
but i mean..
if they're in the same faculty.. you could just take the second one if they offer it to you.. go.. and then transfer back into your original program once you're actually attending the university..
but that's just a lot of fuss.
just call the university, they'll know better what to do.. much more accurate advice than what anyone here can give u.
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