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Nursing - Transfering

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Hey! So last year's site def looked different!

Anyways, I noticed seniors from last year posting and helping seniors this year which is very nice! But I was wondering if people that are in nursing programs now can tell me how they are and what courses they are taking. I'd like to know a little more than the program than what the sites tell you about them..

I'm currently at Trent University for Nursing and I'm looking to transfer schools and I would like to make the right decision this time.

I am going to call the admissions staff at each school I'm going to apply to transfer to but I have heard rumours. Have other people heard it's easier to get into programs because they base it on your university marks more? Also I have heard that some people don't find out they get accepted until August...?

I'm looking to apply to Mac (again), possibly Western (again), UofT and Ryerson.

Also if anyone has any questions about Trent Nursing I will answer!

Thanks! :)
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Is anyone selling nursing textbooks?
If so, can you list the books, the edition, and the price?

Please and thank you. :)
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