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Nursing at Fanshawe-Western: Marks?

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I was wondering what people's averages looked like applying to either the Fanshawe or Western sight for nursing who did or did not get accepted. I would just like to know what I should aim for next year going into Grade 12.
And how were your marks in Grade 11 math? since the program looks at that as well
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My suggestion: try and get the best (highest) grades possible! The Western-Fanshawe Nursing program is highly competitive and the cut-off marks tend to be quite high, although they change every year depending on the competitiveness of the applicants' marks.
This year, I would say that the cut-off mark is around 87-88%, since I don't know or haven't heard of anyone who got in at the Western site for fall 2011 with anything lower than that. Fanshawe's site tends to accept applicants with averages a bit lower, maybe mid-80's. I've been offered admission to both sites (Fanshawe and Western) with a GPA of 3.95, equivalent to a percentage in the high-80's range. As for grade 11 marks, these are only used for "Early Admission" offers made in January/March, and you would probably have to have a "top 6 average" (including Math 11) close to 90% or higher (This is mostly for the Western site).
Just do your best in school and make sure you have all the right pre-req courses for the program (top 6 courses), and you'll be fine. :brilsmurf
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The absolute lowest high school average I heard of last year is 85.. It's almost the exact same as Westerns actually.
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