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Nursing at UWO and Queen's

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Hi there

I applied to UWO and Queen's University for nursing but I havent got accepted to either of these schools yet :( I'm getting really worried, I really want to get accepted.

I have decent extra curriculars that I included in my PSE for queen's,
I included deca, relay for life(breast cancer fundraiser event), link crew(leadership club), basketball, volleyball, track&field, and homeless shelter volunteer. I hear queen's take a good look at your extra curriculars so I think mines are pretty decent.

For Western, their admission avg is mid to high 80s which scares me because I'm only in the 84-86% range.

Has anyone got accepted to any of these schools yet? And what were your averages?
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I have applied to Western Nursing for both the Western site and Fanshawe site. The cutoff for the main campus was 87.5 and the cutoff for fanshawe was 84 last year. You'll get into the fanshawe site most likely.
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A photo of mccannca466 mccannca466
You should get accepted at Western! I got my acceptances for Fanshawe and Western main site on February 28, and my average was only an 82.
And I'm upgrading my courses, so they should be higher, don't worry. But I'm also a victory lap student, and my offer is unconditional.
So maybe my circumstance is different from most, but since they accepted me with a low average, you shouldn't have a problem getting in :)
Hope to see you next year at UWO!
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Don't worry - you should be accepted! I have an 86% average and I've already been accepted to Trent, U Ottawa and Queens. I'm still waiting for UWO (main site) and McMaster aswell. Good luck!
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A photo of LilyKatherinee LilyKatherinee
Accepted to both. my average is 91%, but i was accepted with 88.5% average
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