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NURSING (last year's people who got accepted please respond too)

A photo of kdun kdun
I applied to the nursing programs and want to for sure go to Western.
What is/What Was calculated in your top 6? I am having trouble figuring this out. Does math get counted into your top 6?
If you got accepted to UWO ORRR MCMASTER ORR OTHER was your average above 86? Do you know if it will be the same for this year as well?

Would you say I would be safe with an 86.5-87.5 average or leaning on 87+?

I don't know about the top 6 thing though. Is it bio, eng, chem plus 3 others like (history, family studies, philosophy) do they just look to see your math mark above 65? HELPPPP
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A photo of susanlee729 susanlee729
I am currently in first year collaborative nursing program at Western.
I felt exactly the same way when I applied for universities last year! My first choice was Western so I was very nervous but happy to be at London now:)
It is hard to say which 6 marks they will take, but from what I remember for sure they take: english, one of grade 11/12 math (which every is higher) and some science in grade 11/12 (I can't exactly remeber for sure). But they are all in the website so goodle search it and it will come up.

Good luck and hope you get in to your first choice!
And maybe I will see you at Western next year:)
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
they use your english, higher math, bio, chem, and your 2 highest marks.
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A photo of flonightingale14 flonightingale14

I hope my answer isn't too late but here it is...

I'm entering my 2nd year at Ryerson for Nursing.
They included bio, english, your best math mark (if you took more than one eligible math course) and 3 other courses. It does not include chemistry.

I was accepted into the program with an average of 89. If your average is about 80 and above you should be fine. Most of the people I know were accepted into the program with their averages about 85 and above.

You should be fine, I hope you get into Western! I have a friend who went there and he loves it :)

Study Hard!
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A photo of antcap antcap

Are you applying for the western site or the fanshawe site? I got an acceptance to the western site with a 92 average based on my grade 11 marks but my conditional offer is 83 so an 86.5-87.5 sounds about good.

They take your gr 12 English, bio and chem and a gr 11/12 math depending on which is the highest, and the other two marks they take are your highest aside from the 4 prerequisites. A friend of mine applied for the Western site but he had a 85 average and they gave him an alternate offer to the fanshawe site instead, so I still think you have good chances. If you're really concerned maybe call the admissions office and ask them if they are still sending out offers. The good thing is that they haven't rejected so they're still considering you :) Good luck and I hope to see you in the upcoming school year!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
If it is for the Western site, the average might be a bit higher. But with an 86.5-87.5 average, you should be okay at least for the Fanshawe site. The cut-off varies year by year, but I would say you have a great chance! And you may also get an alternate offer for Fanshawe even if you have only applied to the Western site. I was accepted to the Western site for nursing in March, and can't wait to start in Sept. Hope to see you there!!! :)
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