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OCAD U or Sheridan?...What about Seneca?

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A simple question: OCAD U or Sheridan for Illustration?

I want the pros and cons of each side! Things such as the program, how much you learn, benefits, teaching faculty, administration, etc etc.

Basically my story is this: I started out at OCAD U for Fine Art: Drawing and Painting. After my first semester, I realized I wanted to switch into Illustration. Surprise surprise, after all the required steps, I wasn't allowed to switch. So now I am faced with the dilemma; do I stay another full year at OCAD in a program I don't want (and will eventually switch), or find a new school? I might be accepted into Sheridan's program for this winter, but for OCAD I will have to wait until September (I've enrolled in some Drawing and Painting courses and Illustration for this semester)

Personally, I always hear great things about Sheridan (and not OCAD), and I always see graduates making their art noticed in the world. OCAD? Never. Also, the staff, from what I've seen at Sheridan are very friendly. The staff whom work as advisors at OCAD put the word 'Customer Service' to shame. I have been insulted by the degree of how much they know about their school and how willing they are to help. Sheridan is far cheaper than OCAD.

What are you opinions?

Also, as a side note, what about Seneca's Illustration? I don't quite trust it. Its a diploma course, unlike the two listed, and only lasted 2 years.
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