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Odds of Getting Accepted

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I saw so many people posting these types of topics and thought I'd do it to (why not?).

Anyways I applied to Business Admin and Comp Sci DD at Waterloo and Laurier and applied to UOFT (St.George) for Computer Science. Marks are decent in my opinion, definitely could've done better, but whatever can't do anything now.

Top 6 (What I think will be it):
Calculus (MCV4U) - 83% (Final)
Chemistry (SCH4U) - 77% (Final, but seriously our teacher did not teach the class).
Advanced Functions - 90% (Final)
Computer Science (ICS4U) - 97% (Currently, could change, but i expect it to stay 95+ at midterms).
English (ENG4U) - 80-85% Predicted
World Issues (CGW4U) - 90% Predicted

Average - Roughly 87% if goals are met.

Yeah I know the cut-off average for the BBA/BCS is really high, and that my odds are severely down (someone reassure me on that one). But are my odds for an alternate admission for Computer Science Co-op @ uWaterloo or Comp Sci at UOFT still good? Just wondering...

Edit: Also, for extra-curriculars, I did Concert Band, DECA Business Club and Computer Science Club (I know its not that much but thought I'd add it).
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I think the CompSci DD is quite competitive this year and itll be 50/50 if you get in for that but you should be fine for UofT
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