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Off campus or on campus?

A photo of Neenuboban Neenuboban
So I'm planning to study in Queen's next year, and being an international student it is quite expensive for me. So i was wondering if it is cheaper to stay on campus or off? queen's website has a cost of living calculator, it shows over 9000 dollars for rent, is that the on campus rate? i was going through the housing directories and there were off campus accommodation at cheaper rates(like if you stay with friends. i would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know the on campus rates and whether that includes food and utilities as well. Thanks in advance :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
You should be able to easily find the on campus rates on the Queens website
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A photo of Neenuboban Neenuboban
hey thanks, i had actually checked the site a couple of times, but couldn't find it. found it yesterday, under the "parents" section.

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