yconic - OMG 1st semester did not go so well can i still get in?!?!?!?
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OMG 1st semester did not go so well can i still get in?!?!?!?

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i almost cried when i saw my final marks for first term so posting this in the stress thereapy section seemed like the right thing to do.I applied to software engineering and computer science at the following universities.


my marks for 1st semester are

Advanced functions:85

Some of my teachers said they would bump my marks but i didn't get report cards so its not "official" its only a verbal thing. And if they did it would be the following:

Advanced functions:87

Can I get into any of the schools preferably engineering at mcmaster? What are my chances with the not bumped marks ( the first set of marks)?
If it matters next semester i have:

Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Calculus and Vectors
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If you can get 90+ in calculus and one more course (probably computer science) your average could potentially come to 85-87 which could get you into Western and McMaster. You'd be in an OK position for Waterloo engineering (kind of a long shot though I won't lie) and I have no idea what the marks are like for Waterloo CS lulz
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=/ To be honest, I think you should take a lighter course load next semester. You don`t need Biology at all for your programs, and I think you should take only one of Computer Science/Computer Engineering. Why NOT take 2 bird courses (meaning courses at 4M level). I really think you will struggle with keeping a high average between your next semester courses, and if the marks are like your first semester... you will ruin your chances. I know people want to be prepared and whatever for Uni, that`s great but first and foremost you should think about trying to get ACCEPTED. Also, think about ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS. You don`t lessen your chances at all by taking a few easy courses (like in business, or humanities, geography). Me for example, I took International Business, Business Management, English, Writer`s Craft, Calculus, and Advanced Functions for my top six, my average for four courses completed is 90.5% (two more next semester!). I`m also applying to Computer Science at Waterloo and Uoft. Though my case may not totally apply to you cause you are going into computer engineering, mcmaster cs and need certain courses, but you should get my point, that there is nothing wrong with easy courses as long as it`s beneficial for you. If your okay with your current courses then OK, it`s your decision, I`m just offering my advice and advices of people I know were able to get into their program by being smart and realistic about what they can handle.

For your programs you`ll need at least an 86+ for CS and possibly 87 or 88+ for engineering. By the time second semester mid-term hits there will already be two rounds of acceptances, so expect the admission average to be higher (as it was last year). You should also have good ec`s.

Long post.. hope I helped though!
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