yconic - OMG another U of T engineering thread :)
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OMG another U of T engineering thread :)

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Hi guys

Ive been trying to finish up my half completed supplementary application for U of T civil engineering and the website has not been working for me since last night. It keeps saying " an error occurred,contact web admin", is anyone else having this problem or is it my computer ? If its not just me when is it going back up so I can finish it ?

Btw can I humbly ask the frequently repeated question of people's opinion on my acceptance chances ? Thank you sooo much :))

My most accurate guess for first transmission:
Advanced Functions-88 ( Did this in summer school so the mark is final)
Earth and Space Science- 94

Average-88% including Earth and Space
86.6=87% excluding the above course (since i heard u of t doesn't care about
such courses ?)
So what do you think are my chances ?

Thank you again for reading my post. Best of luck:compress:

P.S- I have descent extra curricular activities. Done some events and competitions at U of T itself and been in a bunch of clubs. But I only had like 3 awards worthy of mention so that is all I put down.

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A photo of lordsia lordsia
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