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Once a week class or twice a week????Help!

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Hi, this is my 4th semester at a CUNY and my schedule looks like this and im an accounting major. Also i will be transferring out of this college for fall 2012 to another CUNY.

Tuesday and Thursday (10-12)business 201(Design and implementation of computerized information systems. Applications include computerized spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, and data base management.) I read online that this professor isn't good.

Tuesday and Thursday 2-4(accounting 102, the professor is pretty good had him in 101).

Wednesday and Friday (12-1 &12-2)economics 103 (macro)I read online that this professor isn't good either.

Saturday (9-12) business law 1 good professor

For sure i will leave acc 102 and bus law, this is what im thinking of changing it to:

Tuesday 6-9 night class (economics 103) pretty good professor.
Wednesday 6-10 night class (business 201)professor is ok

Now should i take a class that is twice a week with a good professor or once a week with an ok professor? please help...btw I will also be working twice a week volunteering in a VITA program (about 10 hrs a week).

Thank you for your help :)
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