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Once a week class or twice a week????Help!

A photo of Greg1072 Greg1072
Hi, this is my 4th semester at a CUNY and my schedule looks like this and im an accounting major. Also i will be transferring out of this college for fall 2012 to another CUNY.

Tuesday and Thursday (10-12)business 201(Design and implementation of computerized information systems. Applications include computerized spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, and data base management.) I read online that this professor isn't good.

Tuesday and Thursday 2-4(accounting 102, the professor is pretty good had him in 101).

Wednesday and Friday (12-1 &12-2)economics 103 (macro)I read online that this professor isn't good either.

Saturday (9-12) business law 1 good professor

For sure i will leave acc 102 and bus law, this is what im thinking of changing it to:

Tuesday 6-9 night class (economics 103) pretty good professor.
Wednesday 6-10 night class (business 201)professor is ok

Now should i take a class that is twice a week with a good professor or once a week with an ok professor? please help...btw I will also be working twice a week volunteering in a VITA program (about 10 hrs a week).

Thank you for your help :)
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I generally preferred the once a week class. Those classes (either 3 hours or 2 hours then an hour tutorial) allowed us to get more in depth in our discussions and learn more. We also had more time for class participation and the professor usually included a break anyway.

That being said, some students have said they don't like the once a week 3 hour class because it's too much material to digest and learn. They'd prefer to learn a bit, go home and read more/digest it for a few days, then learn a bit more.
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A photo of ktel ktel
I'm opposite of Army. I prefer more frequent, shorter classes. 3 hour classes kill me I get so tired of just sitting there.

I would take the better prof hands down.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking

I get bored very easily and can barely make it through a standard 50 min lecture.
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