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One math in Grade 12 = ?

A photo of EasterInTheBatcave EasterInTheBatcave
Okay, so I'm in a bit of dilemma.

I'm in grade 11 right now, and I kind of want to take business at a university.

However, in grade 12 the only math I'm taking is Data Management. This is still good enough to apply at Ryerson, who only require one math course. My average is very good (not including math, around an 87 or 88,) but I know if I take Advanced Functions in grade 12 I'll: 1) Get stuck with a teacher who is terrible (she teaches it at my school and I've had her for math twice) and 2) It will lower my average significantly.

Basically, will only taking the one math be a hindrance to me? I know that I'm limiting myself by not taking more, but math is my weakness and I know that by taking it I'll lower my average by a good 5 or 6 points. I want to get into advertising/marketing though.... any advice? Oh, and how math is there in business school?
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A photo of EasterInTheBatcave EasterInTheBatcave
OR, would a better move be to major in Economics at Mac? So many choices.......
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A photo of apark17 apark17
By not taking calc and/or 2 math courses you limiting yourself from the top business schools in canada..

But if you cant, you cant.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I suggest you get a tutor.
Even year 1 econ needs calculus.
Masters in Econ will deal with even crazier calculus.

If you are afraid of your math skills then get a tutor. If that doesn't work out, I don't suggest econ for you.
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A photo of EasterInTheBatcave EasterInTheBatcave
I will definitely consider it, although it's more the teacher than my math skills. The one year I didn't have her (grade 10) I got in the 70's, when I have her I get in the 60's.

Has anyone taken Marketing Management at Ryerson and can tell me how math is involved?
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A photo of BusterBaxter BusterBaxter
Just based on the marketing unit in Business 1220 at UWO, there's still a decent amount of math. Marketing isn't just about advertising and making attractive posters, it's about unit contribution, pricing and breakeven calculations, etc..

With any business program you're going to have understand finances. I'd highly suggest taking at least 2 math courses, all 3 if you want to do an Honours program, and try your very best. I know people who went up 10% from MCR3U to MCV4U. It's going to be a lot worse in university when you're forced to take an introductory math/calc course to make up for the fact that you didn't do enough high school maths.. University courses go at a faster pace than high school math courses and they cost a lot more too.
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