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A photo of usernamehere usernamehere
Hey guys!
I'm looking to live in Residence next year and would like to know if you guys are putting down a single, double, triple or quad? What is best in the long run?
I want a single room for privacy/ less noise so I could focus on my studies...but having a roomate(s) would be pretty awesome too! I want a social life, but not going out partying allll the time that my marks go down the drain.
What are your preferences?!

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A photo of Zion Zion

It would be cool to have a roommate that you got along with, but I'm not taking the risk. Plus I really want my own bubble to relax and "get away from it all."
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia

I'm not very introverted so I'd drive myself nuts with a single room.
A quad would be a bit too many to handle, especially for my first year.. maybe in my upper years.
Triple sounds okay too, but I wouldn't want a room or place too cramped..
So double just seemed to fit for me the best.
It really depends on your personality though.
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
I'm introverted. I don't mind other people, but I definitely need my own space to 'escape.'
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A photo of manna manna
Single. My room is my happy place, if I get stuck in a double with someone around all the time... yeah.
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