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Online AP courses in Canada?

A photo of Riley Riley
Have any of you taken any AP courses online or at another school? Are there any AP courses even offered online in Canada? I reside in Ontario, if that matters.
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A photo of busterkomo busterkomo
Not that I've seen. I could be wrong, though.
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A photo of Riley Riley
That's what I thought as well. I actually found a site just now:


However selection is limited and I have a feeling the courses will be restricted to students of BC.
Guess I'll shoot them an email.
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A photo of miniluv68 miniluv68
It depends on your school. If you're writing this, obviously your school isn't offering the program. Most likely there are some correspondent programs in your province. In AB we AlbertaDistanceLearning, and, while expensive, you can take correspondence courses on your own through there. At my school there are two AP courses offered: English and Math. I would suggest looking around to see if schools in your area offer them and seeing if you could somehow take the course through them. My class is distance learning for people all around the Calgary area (and I'm about three hours away) so I'd imagine there's something for you. (just adding this in case the program you found was only for BC students).
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm sure that if they offer AP classes online for smaller cities like Calgary (small in comparison to Toronto, I mean), they will have a place that offers it in Ontario.. somewhere.
Just Google it.
Or as your counsellors.. they should have a list of all the online schools around.
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A photo of prmly prmly
Most private schools in BC offer a large variety of AP courses.

Some public schools in the wealthier cities, such as White Rock and West Vancouver, offer an array of AP classes, also.

I'm pretty sure you can take them online. Talk to your school counselor.

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