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Online courses for Ivey, Queen's, McGill

A photo of Bieber Bieber
Hi i was wondering if taking online courses would affect my admission to these top business schools?

I believe i have above average essays and I have the following courses for top 6:

English: 85
International Business:93
Advanced Functions(online): 92
Individuals and Families(online):95

This semester:
Calc(online): 92 - projected
Economics: 97 - projected

Top 6 would be around: 92.3%

With 3 out of my 6 top marks done in an accredited online school, what are my chances at these schools? Do they look down on online courses?

please reply! thank you!
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A photo of JohnMolina JohnMolina
I'm taking an English course online this semester, and was worried about the same thing... My guidance counsellor assured me that online courses are looked at in the same way regular day school courses are soooo, nothing to worry about.

By the way, how are eclasses??
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