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Online Courses.. how are they seen by universities?

A photo of nanaosaki nanaosaki
i took an online course and got a pretty good mark in it (96%). It's most likely going to be part of my top 6 including the the bio, chem, calc, functions and eng prereqs.
My question is, will universities see online courses as any less of an actual course or will it be considered on the same level as any other normal classes?
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
It really depends on which program & school.
I know that UTSG Engineering and Rotman Commerce don't like online courses along with repeated & summer & and night school courses.
Same with Waterloo AFM and Engineering.
So basically the competitive and prestigious programs...
Just look into the requirements of the universities you applied to.
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A photo of VGranova VGranova
I worried about online courses a lot, too. But my high school guidance counselors kept saying that a course is a course, doesn't matter if you did it in summer school or online. Apparently all universities see is the course code, and if you have repeated a course.
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A photo of Qq Qq
heesoup is wrong

A course is a course, pretty much all universities will see it as the same as a regular course. They do not have time to check what school you're from
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