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A photo of zanny zanny
Hi there,

I can't decide whether I'd like to stay on campus or off and was hoping that you SAers would have the knowledge to help me decide.

1. I'm in my early 20s.
2. I will be in their Consecutive Education program in the fall so it will only be a one year program. After that, I'm not really sure where I'd like to teach (dependent on getting a job of course!).
3. I'm from Toronto - a York student actually (from the safe campus; and the one most people don't know about :) ), but I've taken classes at UofT before too.
4. I've never lived by myself, but am quite independent. I cook my own meals, do my own laundry, etc.
5. I enjoy parties and going out, but don't drink at all.
6. Being economical is a big thing for me since my finances are limited.

Okay, so I think I've given you enough information about myself, but if you require any more to help me make a decision, please ask.

Thanks in advance!
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
Residence does not sound like it's for you. In residences, there are always a few consecutive students who decide they want to live there but they rarely end up being very active members of the community. First, most of the people in residence are 18 or 19 years old, so there's a bit of an age gap. As such, you might feel a bit out of place and maybe even frustrated by things like noise and copious amounts of alcohol.

If this was earlier in the year I would have suggested applying to be a Don/RA. It's a great way to get a lot of things out of the way at once: cheap living, leadership experience, and convenient living being on campus without associating with the immaturity of the 18/19 year-old age group. That's probably no longer an option, but it is something to consider if somehow the opportunity should arise.

Otherwise, I highly suggest living off campus in some capacity. There are lots of people who rent their properties only to education students because they are older and more mature than younger university students. They also understand that your schedule will be highly irregular (i.e. doing placements as opposed to going to class).

Some people even rent hotel rooms by the week. If you let a hotel know your situation, you may be able to negotiate a good rate (since for much of the school year they wouldn't be able to sell out all their rooms anyways). This also has the benefit of not needing to pay for a place in months when you may move back home to do your placement.
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A photo of zanny zanny
Thanks very much for your insight - I really appreciate it! :)

More responses welcome!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I would live off campus. I'm 21 and I could not live on rez now. I still drink/party but school is my priority (and it usually isn't with most freshmen), I'm just at a different point in my life. Plus living off campus is typically cheaper than living on rez.
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A photo of Kareemy Kareemy
Off-campus for sure!

I'm in a similar situation: can live independently without difficulty, limited finances and love to party. Yet not even I will be living in rez, for it's not worth it, not even socially!

Money to live off of > the security of rez. I think that's what you mean by on-campus housing, right? I plan to live on campus, but in the "student ghetto", as they call it (ie. privately owned apartment complexes on campus).

Best of luck!
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