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Opinion: taking sch4u online

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
title pretty much says it all:!:

I want to go into nursing, and chem is one of the prerequisites. Problem is that I've heard thru the grape vine that the teacher isnt good. Do i just do it online, or suck it up and try my best in class?

thanks! :)
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A photo of RedMittenDoc RedMittenDoc
At my school all the teachers say not to take courses on-line. Their reasons:

-Can't get a teacher while your doing homework (I think that's not true but w/e)
-Your not going to actually learn anything (or as much)
-How you going to get through university if you can't deal with teachers
-Dealing with adversity is a skill

BUUUUT, most people who take it generally like it because of the flexibility, and get higher marks... I wouldn't take it for chem, I WOULD take things like english or religion or easy classes on-line, to perhaps remove stress from yourself, to do better in chem.

In all honesty just take it normally, the 6 point difference in mark you could get, will only affect your top 6 by 1 percent. Is that worth it?
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A photo of KayS94 KayS94
Online courses aren't the greatest because you have to do a lot of learning on your own. I think you should take chem at school and see how it goes. If you don't like it, you can drop it and take it online instead.
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