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Opinions on U of Guelph

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Any opinions on the University of Guelph, just in general and/or specifically any of the following programs: animal biology, animal science, zoology, wildlife conservation, and equine management. Thanks in advance!
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Im in my third year of animal bio! If you have any specific questions about the program or campus in general let me know!
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Hi, I'm in my last year of highschool, and I'm still not sure of what I want to do. So can you tell me about what you learn in animal biology program? Like what types of courses you take during the 4 years and basically what you do in each course? And any courses that took you by surprise, or courses that future students should be aware of? Also, I know that in animal biology, you guys don't work with domestic animals, but farm animals, so can you tell me your experience of that too?? thanks
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Hi! So obviously, im guessing you want to do something with animals right? In animal bio, we basically learn, in depth, the physiology, nutrition, genetics, health, behavior, ethics and research in regards to animals. If you want to work with animals for the rest of your life, Guelph IS the place to be! There are so many opportunities for you to explore what you want to do, what animals you would like to work with etc. If i explained every course I've ever taken, it would take a really long time so ill tell you about some standout programs. My favorite class, to date, has been second semester of first year, principles of animal care and welfare with Professor Duncan. Honestly, the best course ever. I really opens your mind up to ethics and welfare of animals and allows you to 1. state your opinion or 2. develop an opinion, its really great. Pet nutrition  is a really interesting course, it is an elective so its something i chose to take and its one of my favorite courses as well. Intro to animal nutrition is also cool, for the lab portion you actually raise either baby chicks or a piglet for a semester which is an amazing experience. One course you NEED to take in first year is a first year seminar. Noone really knows about them but theyre basically open to first years only and you can take only 1 in university. Theres about 18 classes that are based on different topics with a max of 18 students in each class and they are so interesting. Not only that, they really bring you out of your shell because university is super nerve wracking and it almost acts as practice to get you to participate in other classes. Not to mention, theres NO midterm or final exam and they're generally alot easier than any other course you're going to take...i think i got a 94 in mine and i barely did anything haha. And although, yes, we do work a lot with farm animals, the things you learn can easily be applied to all animals. You'll take a couple courses specifically directed towards farm animals such as structure of farm animals but some courses are very general like intro to animal nutrition or animal genetics and in those classes, profs tend to relate them to veterinary practices in dogs, cats and other domestics which makes it really interesting. And at the end of the day, Animal Biology at guelph is a really well known program in the area and anywhere i have applied to for a volunteer position, i have gotten it. Vet clinics, sanctuaries, wildlife rehab centers, youll be able to get experience with all kinds of animals while youre in the program
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