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original transcripts issue!! HELP PLZ

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So I applied to Mcmaster and they sent me these letters via email, requesting my original high school transcript to be sent directly from the school I studied in.

I graduated from a different country and the school doesn't offer sending overease mails. Therefore, im facing a big issue in handeding the documents and the deadline is coming soon!

Do you think they would accept that I send the documents myslef in signed/sealed envelopes by the school? THATS THE ONLY CHOICE I HAVE.

I have already contacted them and got the most useless respond which states the same rules!!
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I think it should be fine as long as they're sealed and signed.
I have a friend who mailed his own transcripts from our school to Ontario schools and it was fine even though the sites clearly said to get them sent from the school directly. It was sealed with "official" stickers.
But he does go to school with me here in Canada if that makes any difference.
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