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OSAP and bad credit

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I am currently attending the Adult High School in Ottawa. I actually dropped out of high school several years back for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, I am doing quite well in my university preparatory classes.

Unfortunately, my credit had taken a hit after I lost my job about a year ago. I would even say my credit is probably bad. However, I have managed to pay off two credit cards and some other bills in that time. I am slowing paying off my last credit card. Which I may add, should be paid off by the time I make my application to OSAY next year.
I am currently living with my mother. I am a fulltime student. My mother is on disability and has absolutely nothing to contribute to education. I also have no father. Subsequently, I am not getting a dime from my family

Will I get denied OSAP?
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Your credit rating does play a part in whether or not you'll receive OSAP. Your bank should be able to tell you what your rating is on an A, B, C, or D level. I don't know where OSAP's cut off is, but they do look at your credit rating, since, after all, they're giving you $20,000 or so on loan for a few years.

Use the aid estimator (https://osap.gov.on.ca/AidEstimatorWeb/enterapp/enter.xhtml?lang=en) to enter your relevant family information. You can enter your mother being on disability and your father not being around and that will definitely affect your loan amount.
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