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OSAP help!

A photo of ZainubP ZainubP
So I'm going to be starting university in Spet. When do I start applying for OSAp. Any deadlines? or specail awards and scholarships that they give out? Can I choose a special plan or something with lower interest rates?When do they want us to start paying it back, cause I don't think I'll be working while I'm in school.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
All of this is covered on the OSAP website.
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A photo of shannonburley shannonburley
most of this is covered on the OSAP website but I know you get a 6 month interest free grace period after finishing school before you have to pay it back. but most of the time you can apply for more scholarships, bursaries and grants just for applying to OSAP.
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A photo of Sylviakaz Sylviakaz
There's also a scholarship you're entered in when you fill an application for OSAP called the Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top scholarship. A quick google search should direct you to the page- it's for 100-3500$ if i remember right!
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A photo of Jevette Jevette
Apply early! They have special grants to those who apply earlier! Not to be missed!
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