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OSAP Help?

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I just received the assessment of my OSAP. Is there anyone that can explain what this all means? My results were:

Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan - $4314
Canada Student Grant for Persons from Low-Income Families - $1919
Ontario Access Grant for 1st Year Students - $2180

Do you have to pay back the Grants? Do you receive the Grants all at once? How does the Ontario Access Grant for 1st Year Students work (I heard you get it in your second term)? Does that mean I only have to pay back $4314 and not the rest? I didn't hear anything from the Queens Elizabeth Scholarship. Are we supposed to receive those assessments later on?

I have also been recently accepted to a job. Should I take the job or will that reduce my grants and loans?

Also just extra info: I'm an arts/science student that received an admissions scholarship for $2000, reducing the $7000 tuition to $5000 (I'm enrolling at U of T).

Thank you for your time.
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