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OSAP on hold???

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Hey, after i have submitted my OSAP couple of days ago, my status for OSAP became on hold.
OSAP require me to submit ”History of Canadian Residency for Student and Parent“ form.
Me and my parents came to Canada a long time ago and we had moved here and there quite a bit in Ontario.
But we don't even remember which address we had moved to and when we had moved.
I was wondering what will the government do about it if we fill it wrong?
Are they gonna go through all of me and my parents records??
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They need the information, it's as simple as that. If you're having trouble remembering, let them know and try to find another way to satisfy their requirements.

If you don't satisfy them, fill something out wrong, etc. you could be cut off from OSAP funding, fined, or jailed.
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