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OSAP Probation.

A photo of Unbridledknowledge Unbridledknowledge
Hey all,

Just wanted to ask a quick question about OSAP probation. I was recently placed on it because I had to move to a 40% course load from 100% due to troubles in the family. I am being told that I need to provide a transcript as well as a letter. Now the letter is no problem, but I wasn't the most model student in my first few years of high school. I'm worried if I need to provide that, they'll turn me away for the summer session and my second year. Does anyone know if they take a look at that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
If you're on OSAP probation why would you be providing high school marks?
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A photo of breezy86 breezy86
Unbridledknowledge, I can see them needing high school marks if you're attending a new post secondary school (having to go through OCAS and reapplying that way) However, if you are planning on attending the same program at the same school you were or currently are at. Then you'll need to speak with your program coordinator and have him/her re-enter you into the program.

P.S. Don't worry about the letter, just explain what happened and they have questions, they'll ask.
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