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osap suspension! HELP

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my question is concerning osap suspension as titled. i did very poorly for my first year at utsc, failed 2 courses and dropped a few mid way through the year. so i decided to take summer school. mid way through the summer school, i received a letter from osap saying that im on probation for osap, if i dont achieve certain stand i will be on suspension for osap. but for the summer term, i kind of lose track of my time and cannot catch up with anything that im doing. so i dropped a few courses, until now, with just 1 course . i calculated my GPA with the GPA CALCULATOR and found out that my GPA will not reach 1.6 even if i get an A for that course, so i assume i will be on osap suspension? as well as utsc suspension for one term. for my situation, what will happen and what should i do? i've went through everything that i can find on INTERNET, but still dont have an idea of how this whole thing works. please help me out.

thank you
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This post was deleted

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Yes, you could be suspended. Get a job and get ready to start paying OSAP back.
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