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I have been accepted to McMaster University and Wilfrid Laurier, but I am terribly scared that I will not get OSAP and I desperately need it to attend University. My parents say their income is too large to get it, but we have bad credit and debt so it will be hard for them to give me the money I need. I am tryign to save up, but its not enough. Is there a possibility I will get OSAP? Or is there other ways of receving money; like a Student loan or Bank loan? Help would be much appreciated. My future is dependent on all the help and money I can get.THANKS!
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A photo of Meridian Meridian
Go run thru the OSAP estimator - it will give you an idea of what your costs will be and what OSAP may give as a grant and loan. You may be surprised how much they will loan you even if your parents income is high. Remember you do have to pay the loans back after your graduate. Having $30-40K to pay back later is tough, so keep that in mind. Working a part time job thru school or taking a less costly route (local college / live at home) are all options.

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