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OSAP--Funding Summary

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On the OSAP funding Summary Page, It states my Total Aid at being $8,708 (Just as my Estimate) however at the bottom it says, under Aid to be Released, it says the Total is $3680.

Furthermore, when I click on Total OSAP aid Issued it says Total Aid issued for all years: $4039.

Im not understanding which amount im actually getting and why the huge difference in the amounts listed on the different parts of the site?

As for filling out the information, Im very very sure its all correct, have been going over it like a madman and everything looks to be right.

The only thing im thinking is that they deduct your tuition amount from the Total Aid issued/Total Aid to be released but im not sure.

Any help/calcification would be great.

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You get 60% in the fall, 40% in the winter. I would assume the lower amounts mean the funding that is getting released now.
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