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Ottawa or Laurier

A photo of thelakeshow thelakeshow
i live in waterloo and am stuck between laurier bba and ottawa commerce. i know that wherever you go for undergrad honestly doesnt matter so im wondering if i should choose laurier or ottawa. what are your opinions? please share!
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A photo of EastSideBoyz EastSideBoyz
Laurier by a long shot
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A photo of SpringChild SpringChild
Would getting out of waterloo be a plus?

If so, Go to Ottawa since as you say it honestly doesn't matter. For others, going to laurier might be exciting since it's known for business. Anyway I hate how people just offer odd responses on this site when ppl ask questions like this as if everyone's university experience and goals are the same.

You'll save money if you live at home, and Laurier is a good university. And going to Ottawa will allow you to be independent, and Ottawa is a really nice city (waterloo is boring, I live there too)
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A photo of koreanhendrix93 koreanhendrix93
Telfer isn't really a well-known school for it's B Commm so much as it's MBA imo...
Go to Laurier, I'm sure you'll learn a lot there and have a fun time ;)
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