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OUAC and Laurier Problem

A photo of EastSideBoyz EastSideBoyz
hey guys so in december I applied to the BBA program..
and just last week i wanted to change up some programs and add 2 more programs from laurier

On Ouac it shows that I applied to these programs but when I checked the Laurier appplicant admission page, only the BBA program is shown for the one I applied to?
should I email them? or ?
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A photo of nadia93 nadia93
i think it takes a while for the information to get onto the laurier site from ouac, i know that on the u of t portal it says to please allow i think a week or something for changes to show up on your application but i suggest that if a loooot of time goes by and it doesn't to email or call them :)
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A photo of EastSideBoyz EastSideBoyz
^ohh ok..
ill still send an email on tuesday to be safe
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