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OUAC App: Queen's, Guelph, Trent, or McMaster

Hey :)

I'm a graduating high school student in BC, with an average of 92%. I applied for UBC, UBCO, SFU, and UVIC already but know many people who had gone to Queen's and loved it so I  thought I'd just apply to OUAC too. 

I want to go into life/biological sciences and hopefully med school one day, I'm also loosely interested in environmental science so UBC is one of my top choices for that reason, but of course I'm skeptical if I'll get in...

I only want to fill the three slots on the OUAC since I have already applied to BC schools. Queen's will most definitely take one of those slots, and likely Guelph as well, but I'm torn between McMaster and Trent. Cost is somewhat a factor since going to Ontario would mean I would have to buy roundtrip flights in the summer, holidays, etc. So I'm really hoping for any scholarships of some sort at these schools.

Merry Christmas! Thanks in advanced!

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Trent gives free tuition for those above a 90 average!
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That only applies to a certain point. If your GPA drops, you lose the funding. It's a trap to lure unsuspecting students.
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Apparently they discontinued the free tuition for 90+ :(
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If reputation is something that's important to you, I would recommend choosing McMaster over Trent. However, I've heard that the Trent student experience is better, but again that's just the opinions of some people.
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If you are interested in medical school, definitely put McMaster over Trent. It has a lot more research opportunities and a bigger focus on medicine and health than Trent.

For environmental sciences, Trent sounds like it would be better suited for that, but because McMaster isn't weak in the sciences as a whole, I feel like McMaster would still be a safer choice when you take everything into consideration. 
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