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OUAC Application- Activities question

A photo of lovealways6 lovealways6
Hey, so I'm stuck on the activities section for the OUAC application. It indicates that it is for non full-time students. However, when I emailed the OUAC, they told me that although it is meant for non full-time students, some schools want students to fill out that section anyways. I want to apply for UofT. Unfortunately, I emailed them about that but they havent got back to me yet :/
So I was wondering if you guys here filled out that section?
Thanks :)
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A photo of rtremb rtremb
We've been finding some of that information on the actual Universities' own websites not OUAC. Also after applying, emails have been arriving to log onto a personal website on the University's website and there instructions are given for what needs to be submitted.

I have a question - what do we do if the information submitted by the High School is incorrect (i.e., my daughter's community service is complete but the info submitted says it is not)?
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