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OUAC application problem!

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I originally applied to DeGroote School of Business, Rotman's Commerce and Schulich.
I didn't see Ted Roger School of Management as anything good so I skipped it, but I'm probably not gonna be able to afford living outside Toronto so I want to make a change.
Thing is I never payed but I chose Cheque and Money order as my payment method (later on my Mom told me that she was paying online) but now I can't change my courses. Why's that?

Is Ryerson any good to employers and would it affect my chances of becoming a CA or even CGA or CMA?

EDIT: I submitted but never paid yet, if that clears it up. So technically I should be able to make changes.
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It has to be processed online to OUAC before any new updated changes can be made by you, so wait a couple days or so. Once it's submitted it locks the Application so you can't make any changes until they receive it. I know this because, when I submitted and payed and wanted to take a look at the programs I applied to I couldn't because it had to be processed.
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