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A photo of susanwu22 susanwu22
A lot of people have been saying that the Universities are looking at your grade 12 term 1 marks regarding an early acceptance, but my first term marks are not up on my information on the ouac site, only my grade 11 marks are. Should my first term marks be up there as well?
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A photo of g93 g93

Those people are missing a few screws.
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A photo of Qq Qq
> www.google.ca
> Search: ouac important dates
> First link
> Read
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A photo of tylerkading tylerkading
A lot of people don't realize that your mid term marks from second semester are also posted on ouac before acceptances are made. If you don't hear right away or get an early acceptance don't worry. When I applied very few people got early acceptances. If you don't hear anything by May then you may want to look at alternatives, like applying to a college program or talking to guidance counselors for more information on spending another year at high school.
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A photo of cynaburst cynaburst
I have had my midterm Grade 12 marks up there on OUAC already. It depends on what your school opts to send, you should talk to your guidance office about that. It should be okay if your final term 1 marks are not up there yet though.
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