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OUAC Midterm marks

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
My marks still haven't been submitted and the deadline was yesterday. It just says 'NMR'... Is it just me or what? Should I be talking to my guidance counselor?
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Yes, you should talk to your guidance because due date was yesterday
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Chill out lol. The due date is for schools to SEND the marks to OUAC. Then OUAC has to process all those gigabytes of information, then post them to individual accounts. It takes time to render y'know. My school sent out info on april 20th, and it just showed up now. 9 days later!
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A photo of BeliefTheChief BeliefTheChief
Myn are up.

Though i was on my guidence counsellors (G.C) case like glue.
Talk to him/her on monday and see what their deal is (or did you already? if so, what'd they say?).

Chances are they have been sent and OUAC is loafting (otherwise your G.C is a douche lol). OUAC will send you a confirmation email when they have put up your marks, i'd look out for that.

Good luck!
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