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OUAC Undergraduate Application 105D

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Hi everyone, I am a current grade 12 student outside Ontario. I have just finished the OUAC Undergraduate application and paid etc. (UTM, McGill, Queens and York) <--- all Commerce

It has been 2 weeks and I still haven't had a letter of acknowledgement from any of these universities so far. I faxed my unofficial transcripts and my class schedule to all of them (was I too early?) tho except McGill (self report). I was wondering how long it will take to recieve a letter of acknowledgement? Do you think I have a chance at these universities?

My Marks are as follows
Grade 11
Mathematics 20: 93%
Biology 20: 90
Chemistry 20: 90
English Language Arts 20: 93
Physical Education: 97
Communication Studies 20: 95
Native Studies 20: 95
Physics 20: 95
Practical & Applied Arts Survey: 93

Grade 12
Mathematics A30: 91
Mathematics B30: 94
and more coming soon....
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I agree.
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A photo of jasonstanghetta jasonstanghetta
well, I am a ontario student myself, and our guidance councillors told us that the most recent time that you can get an early admission is from late november to the middle of december, this is because ontario students can not apply to universities until we get a PIN number( Personal Identification Number0 and that is not until the end of november so you have some more waiting to do, and don't worry the last thing you want to do is stress on getting in to your university, focus on your marks for this year, because early admission offers are only conditional offers, like if you bomb this year they'll cancel the offer.
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A photo of jasonstanghetta jasonstanghetta
Also I'm not sure about UTM, but mcgill is not in the OUAC
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