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Overall UBC experience?

A photo of meghanlb meghanlb
I hear a lot of mixed reviews about my 1st choice school.
Some say too big, hard meeting new people, it's easy, some say the food gets old after a couple weeks.... you get the picture!
What're peoples opinions?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
UBC is kind of a commuter school.
Most people that attend UBC don't actually live on campus, so the school spirit is a little lacking.
The campus itself is beautiful though, and everything is very easily accessible with all the bus loops connecting the campus to the rest of Vancouver, as well as the little village they have right off campus with all the stores you'll need to survive.
I definitely loved the school when I went for my tour a little while back.
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A photo of Zion Zion
I have siblings and friends there and they all love it. All the other students I've talked to personally have recommended it as well. I didn't really feel like it was a great fit when I toured it though (unlike McGill and U of T; I prefer urban campuses). I think I'm going to tour again since it's my first choice for other reasons.

The fact that it's lacking school spirit isn't really an issue for me. It depends what you want in a university. I'm going to have to disagree with Cynthia about the campus though. While the surroundings (trees, ocean, mountains)and the proximity to downtown Vancouver (about a half hour) are obviously nice, the buildings themselves for the most part unattractive.
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A photo of hardlymysterious hardlymysterious
I live in Vancouver and I've never heard anyone say they LOVE it at UBC. Mostly "it's alright". Most of the people I knew that go there are commuters though and still hang out with friends from high school, so that might be factor? It doesn't seem like anything special to me, but probably cuz UBC is the norm here.

And I wouldn't say the buildings are unattractive, but they're kind of blah. I want the whole old, historical, heritage-y, character-y university experience. UofT ftw :)
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