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Overwhelmed please help

A photo of Yasdeh Yasdeh
Currently a highschool student in grade 12, and im very interested in applying for business. Originally i wanted to go to western for BMOS and eventually get into Chartered Accounting but can i even do that without getting into the Richard Ivey Program? London seems like a great city and I would really love to go there, but is it worth it if i just stay in BMOS? Also, what other options are there? im also interested in marketing and finance but not as much as accounting

I just received my first semester's midterm marks and they are as follows:

Accounting: 95
Data Management: 97
English: 80

Next semester I will be taking two of three: (Business Leadership, International Business, Sports Marketing)

As well as advanced functions.

Extra Curriculars:
Jr Basketball Team
Jr Football Team
Midget Soccer Team
Sr Football Team
Track and Field Team
Assistant Coached a Houseleague Soccer Team

Will these be enough? Or should I look to join more clubs?

THANK YOU for all responses
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
You said you wanted to get a CA, but then you said that you're more interested in marketing and finance? These three are drastically different fields. To make it simple...Accounting/Marketing -> go to Schulich. Finance -> Ivey.
It isn't worth it to just stay in BMOS. You're better off going to some other school for a business degree. You'll end up with people asking you if you're from Ivey when you say you're studying at Western, and it'll just feel bad to say that you're not Ivey.

As for your EC's, just wanted to mention that you shouldn't focus as much on quantity as quality. Instead of saying that you're in a bunch of teams, you should talk about how you played a leadership role in those teams on your supplementary applications.

Best of luck!
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A photo of Yasdeh Yasdeh
Where else should i consider applying for accounting? and i think you may have misread my post I said im also interested in marketing/finance, although moreso in accounting
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Oops, I did misread it. My apologies.
For accounting...Schulich and Waterloo AFM are your best matches. AFM and the Masters of Accounting that AFM leads to gives you the quickest route to your CA, but it's not as flexible as Schulich. If you think you want to explore different fields, pick Schulich. You can try for Waterloo Math/CA if you like, but that requires a high average. You can also consider Laurier.
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A photo of Yasdeh Yasdeh
What type of averages/ amount of EC's/ and other things are needed for Schulich, waterloo, and laurier? Also, if I still went into BMOS without going into ivey afterwards, would it be possible to get into CA?
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Schulich - low 90s average (this year, the cutoff was around 91), good EC's
Waterloo AFM - high 80s/low 90s, good EC's, good score on the AFMAA
Waterloo Math/CA - mid 90s average, great EC's
Laurier - mid to high 80s, fair-good EC's

As for if you can get a CA with BMOS, I would assume that it's possible, but difficult. Ask someone in BMOS (: I don't know much about it.
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A photo of Yasdeh Yasdeh
Okay thanks so much for the reply, and aside from CA do you think it would be possible to get a more general MBA degree from starting out in BMOS without ivey?
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
MBA? Yeah, definitely. You can get a MBA from any degree. :) It'll be kind of a repeat of your undergrad though.
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A photo of Yasdeh Yasdeh
Okay so Im thinking the three i will apply to will be as follows:

Laurer (BBA)
Western (BMOS)

as for extra curriculars, I didnt play a significant role on any of these teams really, as my school is very good in sports, alot of the athletes were better than me, and the only EC ive been on in gr 11 and 12 is senior football (Although i did attend practices every night 5 nights a week from 3-6pm for 3 and a half months or so) Will this be enough? and if not what can i do to help my chances, ive looked into laurier and it seems like a great school.
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
Er...try getting an exec position/becoming captain? Or help organize something? Or try getting work experience. And yeah, Laurier's a pretty good school :) Great program, great student life.
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