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A photo of 063442263 063442263
A lot of people are getting early acceptances and exams are coming up !
I'm dying from stress over my grade for my final year of grade 12, my 2 part time jobs, family problems and social life..

How does anyone expect a single person to balance all of this at once?!

I usually get sick from over stressing so I was wondering if any has some tips for calming down and which things should be a priority?
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A photo of RishadN RishadN
first of all, you gotta chill!
write down things you gotta do so you don't have a lot on your mind
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A photo of Love2travel Love2travel
Hey there,
I actually know how you feel- I went through the exact same thing last year, I'm sure everyone does. As someone else suggested, it's important that you write down all that you need to do, so it's all in one place. I had 2 part time jobs as well, plus extracurriculars, scholarship applications, waiting to hear from the university, and upcoming exams. But you know what? That's what Grade 12 is all about! You can either let yourself get swallowed up by the stress of it, or you can find ways to overcome it and succeed. If you're feeling the stress though, that's actually a good first step. It means you're trying to do as well as you can. Those who feel no stress (trust me, they're out there), are the slackers who don't care.
Right now, you just have to buckle down and focus- try to set your stress and emotions aside. Struggling with family and friends? Been there. I know when I'm stressed, I tend to take it out on my family and friends by acting like a maniac, because I don't know how else to channel it lol. What you need to do is just tell them you need to focus on academics for the next two-three weeks, till exams are over. They love you, they will understand. Also, try to minimize the number of hours that you're working. Make sure you have enough time to study and apply for scholarships. I know this seems like you're locking yourself into a temporary bubble of isolation, but if you want to do well, you just have to suffer through it. You'll be happy you did later on.
Also, make sure you sleep well, eat healthy, get some exercise and manage your time. Take short breaks, of course- plan to go to a yoga class or do something to recharge and calm your brain after you finish studying (without any breaks) for the day, or take 15-minute breaks after every hour of studying. But make sure you get back to work after your break. Don't waste too much time stressing, and DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Just get to work, you can do it!
Hope this very long message helps and I wish you the best of luck! :)
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A photo of Sabrina Sabrina
You've got a lot on your plate, and I can totally relate to that. I've juggled 3 jobs, school and a social life for a few years and I know, its not easy. The main tip I have for you is organization. If you're not constantly worried about not having enough time to do everything then and everything has it's place then you stop worrying about what you're forgetting to do, you accomplish the things that need to be done and then you're finished.
So make a plan and fill it in.
Include your work schedual, and the essentials like alloting time for homework but also set in stone 1. your sleep time (very important for stress reduction)and 2. your "me" time (makes for a good reward after you've written an essay for something) <-- also VITAL for keeping you SAIN.

I know you may feel guilty or anxious about taking an hour or two for yourself to curl up with a good book or take a walk (I dont recomend facebook/tv as "me" time) but its very important. If you can't shake the feeling try something productive like excersising so you can tell yourself that you're still doing something while you are taking a break.

Hope this helps
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A photo of nikkishuvera nikkishuvera
honestly, 2 part time jobs is alotttttt to handle when you have exams and worried about grades. i had to cut down on hours so you should too!
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I know what you mean! It's like I never get time to just sit down and space out anymore!
For sure, time management and organization will definitely help you out. I like to take a sheet of line paper, and write out a schedule for my week. I write down the things I need to finish during a certain time on a given day from when I wake up 'til when I sleep. But make sure you leave yourself extra time just in case some problems come up or you might end up overbooked or running late.
As far as stress relief goes, I usually go for badminton and kendo. Working out is healthy and makes you feel better after. If you take the bus or any other public transport, bring a book to read! It's also good to find a hobby too when you find some spare time. For me, I like arts and crafts, so I make keychains and what not on my holidays.
Social life is definitely important, but I'd recommend not going overboard where you're rarely at home except for sleeping and showering! Make sure you take time to wind down by yourself, but friends are also there to talk to about your stress! Maybe they have some tips!
And most importantly, for me at least, get your sleep! If you're too stressed to sleep, try chamomile tea, I heard it's really effective!
Hope you find your solution to stress!
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A photo of pamela13 pamela13
Yeah I remember seeing a tv show about a guy who purposely failed all his classes so that he could delay going to university for a year. Now I know how he felt...
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A photo of brett7788 brett7788
If your going to worry about something just for now worry about your grades and block everything else out. The grade 12 grades are the most impotent so you should try really hard to boost you marks or keep them neutral. When your done you can relax and forget everything if you want to, and continue with your life normally with out high school pressures.
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