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PANIC TIME! Acknowledgement Email HELP!!

A photo of victoriachiu victoriachiu
It's already past the holiday, but even after 2 weeks, I STILL Didn't get my acknowledgement email from U of Toronto, Ottawa, and McMaster. Why does that always happen? The holiday should be over right now and they should send me the email, however, I have nothing received. WHY?! :S I'm really frustrated and I really need the help!! My school is starting to send out the Mid Year Report and my classmate already get her application done. Does anyone here face the same problem as me?
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A photo of ffcelik ffcelik
Admissions are not open during holidays. Wait a few days. They take that long. If you applied DURING the holidays, you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry.
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A photo of g93 g93
^ Yes, OUAC reopens Jan. 4, as do most universities. So OUAC has to send to the universities first, then the universities need to send to you. And some universities take 2 weeks anyways. Chill.
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A photo of clairec21 clairec21
Toronto takes forever. I applied to there back in November and it took about 3 weeks for them to email me.
My friend didn't get his until about a month after he applied.
Don't worry, they'll come! It just might take a few weeks since tons of people applied over the holidays so they'll need to sort everything now that they're open again.
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