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Panicking right now... If I dont get into McGlil... Then IDK

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Hey guys, sorry to make this seem so melodramtic, but in reality, as I speak, I am freaking out...
School has started for me now, and my courses for this semester are:

*MHF4U - I am ahead in this because I got all the basics down thanks to my tutor. We studied the entire textbook over the summer break and all the chapters, unfortunately, I did not practice it, but I did learn how to do it.

*SCH4U - I am ahead in this because my old school taught us basic organic chemistry, and my new current school has just started teaching the Gr.12s alkanes -.- because they didn't learn it in Gr.11.

*ENG4U - I am ahead in this because my ISU turned out to be a book I read in this past and have a passion for, the Kite Runner.

I'm planning on going into Medicine in the near future, I have a passion for it, and I want to complete what my father had started (he dropped out of Medical school because he could not afford it, he was only 2 years away from completing it, and the school he went to would not give him a student loan).

Now your probably wondering why I'm panicking, its because I read McGill's cut-off % for the previous years, which was 91.5%, and i really need to get that mark now.
McGill has been my dream University for years, and I can't imagine going anywhere else, and most certainly not UofT SG (based on the horrible reviews I've heard about it, including from doctors themselves).

My last year's average was about 82%. IMHO, this was a fair mark considering the fact I RARELY studied, RARELY did my homework, and only studied the night before a test, and completed projects the night before a test. Of course, I don't plan on doing that this year, or ever again. Bad habits got to go!

Can someone please help me out here when it comes to marks? I know that if I work hard, do things properly, I can ace math and chemistry, but English is one of those things which the teacher can either be " :) " or " :@ " ....
It's creating a lot of fear and doubt in me, like I can feel that thing in my chest...
Are there any study habits you recommend? I know my tutors are recommending to me Cue Cards for Chemistry, but hey, that doesn't work for English or Math. So any suggestions?
What can I do to get to that minimum cut off AND beyond?

Thank you guys, I would really appreciate ANY help. Please don't leave rude comments, I already have enough problems on hand.
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Math: practice, practice, practice (i.e. do the questions)! Also try to understand WHY you are doing the steps that you are doing.

Chemistry: Practice the textbook questions. Also try to understand why things work the way they do...

English: You're right. This really depends on your teacher. Thus, if your teacher allows it, ask him/her to read over your essay before you hand it in and offer suggestions. Whenever you get an essay back, ask the teacher what you can do to improve. Read the high scoring essays of your peers to see what he/she is looking for.
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Don't worry dude! Even if you don't get into McGill, you can still pursue a career as a celebrity singer-songwriter.
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I know what you're going through and I've noticed that the cut-off marks are getting higher and higher each year. But honestly, if not McGill, there are so many other universities you can try for. I heard McGill KILLS your GPA and if you want to go into med, that's what medical schools look for: GPA, involvement, MCAT score, interview, etc. I know someone, had a 99% average, was offered McMaster Health Sci (really prestigious program if you're not familiar), Western Biomed, UFT Life Sci, York Life Sci, McGill Life Sci. Guess which ne he went to? York. Guess where he is right now? UFT Med School. It's all about the GPA, and whether you like the university. If you haven't been to Montreal before, what can assure you that you will like the McGill environment? Don't look at the reputation because if you can't pull it off, you can't. There are so many other universities that WILL accept you and that you will love.
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