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I know this is very stupid of me to start ranting about something that should be okay, but I can't help worrying about it. (Sorry guys.)
My friend self-reported her grades after I did and got accepted into UVic three days after. (The bar isn't that high and my average right now is in the 90s.) However, I self-reported before she did and I still haven't gotten my offer yet. There is no personal profile or anything like that, which means that - if common sense should prevail - I should have gotten my offer earlier than she did. I think it may have been the "English proficiency" that delayed me, since I did not choose English as my first language and they delayed the first round of early admission because the English marks weren't out yet. (I have an A in both English AP and English 12.)
I guess I'm not really worried about getting in, but that the scholarship offer may slip out of my hands if they accept me some time after March.

Anyway, don't you guys sometimes feel as though you just want those goddamn universities to accept you already so you can go on living your lives without worrying about your applications all the time?
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