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Pharmacy - 2 year undergrad or 3?

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Hey everyone. I'm currently in high school, and plan to eventually get into Pharmacy school. For everyone who already made it into their grad degree (or is in their last year of undergrad), which of these routes did you take? Two years of undergrad, or three (with or without co-op)? I'm trying to weigh out the pros and cons of each scenario, and was thinking some input on what others found to be the best choice overall would help.

Thanks to everyone for their input!
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I'm currently finishing up my 1st year of vet school. I did 3 years of undergrad (the minimum for vet school entry). Personally I wouldn't have given up my 3rd year of undergrad for the chance to enter professional school a year earlier, even if I had that option. My 3rd year was the best year of my university career - I had the most fun/went out the most, the best GPA (compared to 1st/2nd year), my first research lab experience etc. I don't think I would've felt prepared/ready to move on from undergrad just yet had I moved on after just 2 years.
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