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Physics destroying my hopes and dreams

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*new here so sorry if this is in the wrong section*
My goal in grade 10 and beginning of grade 11 was to aim high for engineering programs in Ontario, which primarily meant I had my eyes set on Waterloo/McMaster. However that all changed when i got into physics -.- at first i didnt apply myself for the first unit and on my first test got a rude awakening, then I learned to get good marks I had to study which i did but even plus that I'm no where near the 80's and exams are just around the corner and it also doesn't help I have a teacher that assumes I know everything, so if i dont do good in physics this year should i just forget about engineering?/:
Particularly biomedical and software. I would get a tutor but its basically too late now but i will for science because I know if my math isn't good i can forget about engineering.
I also have chem this year if its important, but does physics really determine my whole future? My physics teacher told the class that if you dont do good in this course you'll have no future.......very encouraging eh?

Thanks in advance for honest and useful responses.

**Forgot to mention as well if its any use, I'm getting high 90's in my ICU3 course(comp sci) and also taking a mechanical engineering course TEJ3U 80's in that one as well and chem hopefully since i was good in it last year will be another strong boost this year
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I always copy long paragraphs before hitting that send button on forums lol but thanks anyway.
Re-take it? I wish but its kinda out of the option for me cause i plan on doing a co-op this summer because I'm part of the specialist high skills major program, something i decided to enroll in to boost my chance for acceptance, so this summer is gone and i wont be able to do more than one summer credit /:
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You don't need to take a grade 11 course. Just really buckle down in grade 12 and hope you have a better teacher.
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Even if exams did secure me a 70, wouldn't that hurt my chances off acceptance even if i do good in grade 12?
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A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
If you do really good in Grade 12 Physics and have like a 70, even a 65 in Grade 11 Physics, they will probably just overlook that considering you did well in Grade 12. If you do well in your other Grade 11/12 courses too and Grade 11 Physics is the only low one you really have nothing to worry about.

Remember you can always redo it in night school or summer school or even online.
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